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Acceptance & Waitlist


  • If you have been accepted to a US school early decision, you must immediately withdraw every application from every other school to which you may have applied.

    At this point, you’re done! Congratulations!
  • If you have been accepted to a US school under an early action, priority, rolling, or regular decision plan, you must make a decision about where to go, notify that school, and send in your deposit by May 1.

    Having trouble deciding among schools? We’re here to help – Ms. Martinez-Ramirez, Ms. Vallerga, or any New Tech High staff is always available to discuss your choices.

Note: If you have been offered a financial aid award by a US school, make sure to accept that offer at the same time that you matriculate!


If you have been offered a place on a college’s waitlist, this means that you may be admitted to that college at any point between mid-April and the start of the school year. Waitlists can be frustrating for students: it’s impossible to know where you stand, and the chances of getting in off most waitlists are slims. But there are ways to improve your odds.

The first thing you should do if you have been waitlisted is commit to another college and send in your deposit by May 1. Then you need to decide whether you want to stay on a waitlist. Only do so if you think you might actually attend the school at which you might be waitlisted – otherwise, you could be taking someone else’s spot.

If you choose to stay on a waitlist, it is extremely important to have a conversation with your SAS college counselor. You should also write the college an email or a letter. If the college is your first choice, say so—let them know that you will come if you’re admitted. If you’re not sure whether they’re your top choice, just tell them that you remain enthusiastic about the possibility of attending. Then use the rest of the letter to update the college on your recent achievements, projects, and undertakings.