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Peer Support Presents

New Tech High's Peer Support program proudly brings to you "Peer Support Presents."  The Peer Support Presents series will bring workshops from industry experts in the fields of wellness, holistic health, mindfulness, yoga, and more.  This series is geared at helping students, their families, and their peers build a toolkit to support the whole student.  Below you will find information for past and upcoming workshops.

Workshop Date & TIme Description
Edward Tcheleshev


10:30 am,


Join Edward Tcheleshev, for Vinyasa Yoga Flow, where he will share effective yoga and pranayama practice that can be done at home, over the winter break.  Edward credits his yoga practice with helping him cope with the adverse effects of his former sedentary lifestyle, as well as experiences with anxiety, depression, and addiction recovery.
Diana Steven 11/27, 12:45 pm, Room 6

Our first is Diana Steven, a local holistic health coach who has trained with some of the top thinkers in the field like Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil

Diana will be guiding us through what holistic health means. Diana will be looking beyond diet to help us understand what kinds of lifestyle modifications can create positive changes in overall energy, balance, health, and happiness. Find out more about Diana's work here.